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Nickshot HR uses high-performance skills and behaviours to recruit; manage and develop employees who are able to support your business goals. Our in-depth understanding of employment law will help ensure that your business remains compliant with changes in employment legislation.
Meanwhile, our passion for performance management, and partnerships with talent experts, will help you recruit and develop employees with the right attitude to take your business forward.

Finally, our expertise, combined with the latest cloud-based SaaS HR, payroll and talent technology mean that you can save time and money by reducing administrative costs.Our services cover the areas of recruitment; compliance and performance. Please follow the links to find out further details, specific to each area.

Nickshot HR understands that SMEs operate on a tight budget. To this end, Nickshot aims to offer best-in-class HR solutions to the SME market through our range of on-demand“managed”; “modular” and “pay-as-you-go” services. These solutions mean that you benefit from quality, over quantity of HR services by only paying for what you need, when you need it. Please click on the “on-demand hr” tab here or at the top of the page for further details.

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