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In a global and increasingly crowded market-place, businesses need to do whatever they can to get the edge over the competition. A “nickshot” is a winning shot in the game of squash and Nickshot HR aims to help your organisation compete by serving the following business needs:

Does your business need:

  • your employees to execute better than the competition?
    • better, faster, stronger, more efficiently?
  • to deliver superior customer service and to innovate?
  • help aligning staff management with business goals?
  • help identifying; measuring and retaining talent?
  • to find time and cost-effective ways to train your staff?
  • to increase levels of employee engagement?
  • help complying with UK employment legislation?
  • to access best-in-class HR solutions at an affordable price?

Nickshot is a flexible and friendly Human Resources outsourcing organisation which focuses on helping SMEs address these needs by:

  • Combining HR expertise with the latest cloud-based technology
  • Using economies of scale to deliver best-in-class HR solutions to SMEs
  • Saving managers time and money with our range of on-demand solutions
  • Flexibility through our range of fully managed and modular products
  • An emphasis on integrated performance management
  • A passion for talent identification; measurement and development

To find out more about Nickshot HR’s products and services, go to hr solutions; on-demand hr and cloud-based hr.

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